Regardless of a national lockdown, global pandemic, and the time of year, electrical emergencies at home do and can still take place. Fortunately, certified electricians are still allowed to provide electrical services. Since there’s an ongoing pandemic today, electricians came up with some tips where you can conduct business safely and with lesser risk. If you read this article until the end, you’ll be able to learn how to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 during emergency electrical domestic work. 


Keep socially distanced always  

Both the electrical contractors and the residents or homeowners must work together to stay at a safe distance far from each other—at least 6 ft or 2 meters. Moreover, this indicates that you should prevent shaking hands, staying within one room, or giving refreshments while work is being done, as much as possible.  

Are You Having the Symptoms of Coronavirus? 

To always be safe than sorry, residents/homeowners need to inform the electrical contractor whether they are in self-isolation before going to your home, or if you show symptoms of COVID-19. Even though it might appear to be an awkward topic to converse over the phone, it’s really important to reduce the danger of spreading the coronavirus and to guarantee safety as well. It’s also as important that such questions must also be asked to the electrician so that there’s a reassurance that both parties are free of symptoms.  


Residents, property owners, and electrical technicians must know how to communicate effectively with each other to make sure that they can come up with a plan to help them safely do the electrical project. If both parties understand each other, it can further add confidence for the clients since they know that the job will be done safely in their home and they adhere to the guidelines of the current government.  

Keep up good hygiene like regularly washing your hands 

Property owners can guarantee that the working space is well-ventilated and clean. On the other hand, electricians should be washing their hands from time to time, during, before, and even they do their work. Also, they should dry their hands using the towel they brought with them. In connection to this, they need to wear proper PPEs like face covering and take their time to thoroughly disinfect and clean equipment and tools.  

After the job, the face covering, gloves, and wipes must be disposed of properly. Payments can also be done electronically. And rather than using pens and paper, getting electronic signatures would be much more convenient during these trying times.  

Those are only some tips you need to consider if you want to safely hire a reputable electrician Atlanta GA during the lockdown and pandemic. In case you have an emergency electrical emergency or you want to have your electrical systems maintained from time to time, never hesitate to reach out to the best electrical company in town that covers an extensive range of areas within the neighborhood.